QA and Testing Services

Most IT Orgnanizations are grappling to meet the demand from the business functions to provide relevant information anytime, anywhere and on any device reliably to every business user. Additionally one of the biggest challenges faced today is to make sure legacy and obsolete critical applications are well integrated with newer technology applications and are still available. More than before, maintaining and assuring performance quality of applications, reducing total cost of testing operations, flexibility and speed in application deployment drive the demand for Testing Outsourcing services. Achala's OnDemand Resource model helps in achieving the following client goals

  • Total cost of testing reduced by upto 40%-50%
  • High reliability and availability of Application Services
  • Feature testing focused on Usability
  • Confirmance to Quality expectations

End-to-End Testing Services

We help clients to stay on par with the technology changes by identifying newer testing solutions and ensuring the application quality is high. Our OnDemand resourcing model is flexible to provide end-to-end testing services.

We have an extensive test management service to scope your testing requirements, create test plans, execute the test cases and provide project management services to oversee the test management process

Having a product that can handle low load is one thing and handling under stress is completely different. We have the capability to give you performance metrics at practically any conditions. We can simulate real users to almost unlimited capacity by leveraging the cloud. Talk to us to see how your application is performing and how it can scale.

Measure the productivity levels of QA resources. Increase the productivity levels by putting in adequate resources to the high risk areas. Are they maintaining quality? What is the real cost associated with QA services?

A critical aspect of any tool deployment is to develop a realistic plan for automation. Our offerings span UI, API, BackEnd and Test execution automation

Our testing services span across the life cycle of software implementation System, Integration, Regression, API, and UAT testing

We not only execute the test cases but also help in logging and tracking of issues. Additionally we provide industry best practices to improve the quality of the product while balancing time-to-market

Our Agile Process

OnDemand Model for QA resources

Use Testing resources only when you need them through our OnDemand Model.

Flexibile Resource Model

Achieve flexible testing capacity as per business needs through more efficient resource utilization. OnDemand resource planning can be achieved in consultation with customers and based on changing demands from business.

Quality and Reliability

Higher quality assurance due to comprehensive test coverage (e.g., expanded regression, functional and integration testing, greater test automation).

Increased ROI

Optimal onsite-offshore model and continuous process improvement initiatives helps bring down the project costs for the client.