DevOps Solutions

Every company is facing critical challenges in delivering innovative features to the customers on a regular basis.

Disparate development and operation teams, manual deployment, manual integration, and manual testing processes are increasing the cycle time for software releases. Achala DevOps teams are working with various customers in implementing the DevOps solutions. Automation is the key in driving an organization towards Continuous Delivery

  • Automated Provisioning
  • Automated Builds
  • Automated Testing
  • Automated Deployments
  • Automated Monitoring

DevOps Offerings

Continuous Integration

(CI) is a software engineering practice in which an automated build compiles and optionally tests an app when code is added or changed by developers in the project's version control repository.

CI surfaces errors and problems immediately and ensures that all team members stay up to date with each other's work.

Continuous Testing

(CT) is the first step in the right direction when embarking on a DevOps journey. CT is a continuous feedback mechanism that drives software delivery through the Software Delivery Life Cycle process.

Automated feedback at each checkpoint is an auto-trigger for the next process in the delivery chain if the feedback is to move forward, or green.

Continuous Deployment

(CD) is a strategy for software releases wherein any commit that passes the automated testing phase is automatically released into the production. CD is relying upon real-time infrastructure and application monitoring tools to discover any problems that were not caught in the testing feedback loops before deployment.

Continuous Monitoring

CM) of applications in production environments is implemented with tools that intelligently monitor, analyze and manage cloud, on premise and hybrid applications and IT infrastructure. These solutions enable you to monitor your users’ experience and improve the stability of your application infrastructure

Advantages of DevOps in SDLC

Item Owners, Project Managers, Developers, Testers, and Ops colleagues would more be able to effortlessly team up on the grounds that business work things are connected to conveyance yields giving perceivability, traceability and clearness over the whole esteem stream.
The plenty of divided point DevOps robotization apparatuses are presently organized by the bound together DevOps organization motor, lessening the requirement for human intercession.
With clear perceivability of the whole esteem stream it is considerably less demanding to make the nonstop procedure enhancements that can expand conveyance recurrence and time to advertise.
The capacity to naturally cross-reference any form or twofold to the components and fixes included inside – with supreme exactness – enormously decreases the odds of testing in the wrong condition, accidently advancing works in advance or things with neglected conditions. This capacity brings about higher discharge quality with less squandered manual exertion.
Brought together review and traceability all through the whole programming conveyance process – from thought to creation – will make it considerably less demanding to reveal issues preceding arrangement. At the point when absconds do achieve end-clients, after death main driver investigation can happen in minutes rather than weeks, revealing underlying driver and keep issues from repeating.

DevOps Maintenance plan

Ideal for

Organizations that need ongoing maintenance for their infrastructure automation and CICD projects, and are not interested in investing internally on that expertise.

Service includes

Collaboration with you on changes to your environment, providing expert advice and handling infrastructure automation and CI/CD configuration change implementations.

DevOps Benefits

A centralized platform available as-a-service that reduces project teams effort for set up & administration

Prevention & reduction of application staging errors in multiple environments (Dev./QA/Prod.)

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